There are very few things in this world more stressful than dealing with financial problems. Stress about money can affect nearly every aspect of your life: sleep, diet, health, financial credit, home stability and even personal relationships.

When financial situations go beyond your control, you can choose to ignore the problem and hope it goes away or you can choose to regain control. Bankruptcy is a tool that millions of Americans have used to take control of their finances and help their families get a fresh start without the crushing burden of debt. The attorneys at Berg & Chmielewski, PC are ready to help you determine if filing for bankruptcy is the right step for you. Our team of experienced professionals successfully handles hundreds of cases each year and we look forward to helping you.

Filing a bankruptcy petition can bring immediate relief to debtors, because it requires that creditors or collection agencies stop all efforts to collect debt from you.  What that means is that filing bankruptcy may prevent your home from being foreclosed and will stop your paycheck from being garnished.  In addition, creditors are prohibited by law from contacting you...no more harassing phone calls or threatening letters. However, that relief cannot come until you file the bankruptcy petition.

Once you have determined that bankruptcy is the right step for you, it is critical to move quickly to file your petition. Relief cannot be granted, until your petition is filed with the Court.

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