Advanced Medical Directives

In our professional opinion, there is no more important document for all adults to possess than a valid advanced medical directive. When injury or illness creates a situation in which you cannot express your desires regarding medical care, decisions regarding your care will still need to be made. Medical staff cannot stand by when medical decisions need to be made and they will be forced to seek those decisions from your family. For many of us, we would be left guessing as to what our loved ones wanted and praying that the decision we make is the one they would have wanted.

An advanced medical directive takes that burden off your family. It allows you to state exactly what you want done regarding your care. Not only does it ensure that you are medically treated in the way that you desire, but it removes the burden and stress that will accompany any family member who was forced to guess for you.

At Berg & Chmielewski, PC we recognize the value of these critically important documents and we want to help you have one in effect. Our team is standing by to help draft your advanced medical directive and we have ensured that our price makes them affordable for everyone.

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